Came across this link that looked pretty cool. Enjoy!


Dandelions on pancakes

The Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale, Weber, T. Densleonis, Desf; Leontodon taraxacum, Linn.), though not occurring in the Southern Hemisphere, is at home in all parts of the north temperate zone, in pastures, meadows and on waste ground, and is so plentiful that farmers everywhere find it a troublesome weed, for though its flowers are more conspicuous in the earlier months of the summer, it may be found in bloom, and consequently also prolifically dispersing its seeds, almost throughout the year.  ---Description---From its thick tap root, dark brown, almost black on the outside though white and milky within, the long jagged leaves rise directly, radiating from it to form a rosette Iying close upon the ground, each leaf being grooved and constructed so that all the rain falling on it is conducted straight to the centre of the rosette and thus to the root which is, therefore, always kept well watered. The maximum amount of water is in this manner directed towards the proper region for utilization by the root, which but for this arrangement would not obtain sufficient moisture, the leaves being spread too close to the ground for the water to penetrate.  The leaves are shiny and without hairs, the margin of each leaf cut into great jagged teeth, either upright or pointing somewhat backwards, and these teeth are themselves cut here and there into lesser teeth. It is this somewhat fanciful resemblance to the canine teeth of a lion that (it is generally assumed) gives the plant its most familiar name of Dandelion, which is a corruption of the French Dent de Lion, an equivalent of this name being found not only in its former specific Latin name Dens leonis and in the Greek name for the genus to which Linnaeus assigned it, Leontodon, but also in nearly all the languages of Europe.

So I came across this image in my pancake the other day and wanted to share this with you all since it’s been so long. From my standpoint, it looks like a Dandelion.

Compare the two:


So there, it’s a dandelion on my pancake. The only difference is that I cannot blow away the little pieces. Ever do that when you were younger? Maybe even now? Still a fun pastime.

Pancake Photos: The Lost Bird


Pancake Photos: The Lost Bird

Look closely and you can see its head and beak at the top left, followed with a short tail in the top right, and that arch in the middle, well, that’s the wing. I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Spring weather (cough cough, yeah right) we’re having right now.

I also ask for you to pray for my wife. She just destroyed her ACL and MCL on a Scout trip a week ago and it’s really getting to her. She’s a busy bee, so to have a wing down is really hard. I love her with all my heart, and to see her like this is difficult. But hey, I can cook so she’s getting some “man meals” now LOL.

Enjoy your week everyone. I haven’t been on in a while I know due to job hunting and now my wife’s injuries. It gets me down, but I have faith things will turn around!