Mammogram Immortalized

Breast Cancer, from the first time I looked at this pancake.

It looked like a mammogram, it just did. And yes, I know what they look like. No matter what, I dedicate this to Breast Cancer victims and survivors, and their families. Stay strong.



Pancake Photos : Fertilization


Ok so this is what I see: sperm entering an egg. I looks like something seen from the lens of a microscope.

Pancake Photos Of Expression: Happy Face


Pancake Photos Of Expression: Bight Eyes, Big Smile

Boston Marathon Explosions, North Korea, and anything else that can put a pain in your heart: Sometimes it takes a lot to smile. However, we cannot allow anyone to take that smile from us. Therefore we smile either on the outside, or on the inside. Still, through everything we go through in this game we call life, we must look for the smile. I found it this morning.

Never let anything take your happiness, no matter what. Give that up you’ll live in fear and loathing in everything else you do.

Pancake Photos: The Serpent Circle

Pancake Photos: This morning I saw something very interesting. Look at this pancake photo from the left and then go counterclockwise and you’ll see the serpent circle.  At this point you should be able to identify its beak, it’s eye, and where the tail ends.  I’ve compared it to seeing something like this once upon a time in a pawn shop:

An odd similarity? Probably so – For the record I’ve seen this named a variety of things, so if it’s not called “The Serpent Circle” forgive me. Like John of Patmos, I’m only trying to describe what I see 🙂  Enjoy and have a great weekend!


















“Alien Sightings: The Alien At My Window”

The UFO Files, Alien Sightings, Kitchen Art, Pancake Stock Photos, Pancake Photos, Alien Abductions, Aliens

Alien sightings? Yes, I’ve had one.

This is one of those moments that you look away, and then look back and you see something completely wild!

I had actually prepped this pancake for the dousing of syrup and butter before looking back at it again (what do you think I do with these pancakes? lol) and I saw this face staring back at me. It wasn’t just any face, but an alien face.  So of course I wanted to share this with you all – alien sightings- in my pancake.   You know, since that whole Mayan Calendar / end of the world thingy didn’t happen I’m sure everyone go back to their favorite pastimes: Looking for aliens and finding bigfoot.   Sorry Mayans, you had your shot. Alien sightings have been around far too long throughout world history and once we get over 2012, we’ll probably have more.

However, I can’t tell if this would be one those short little aliens or one of “The Greys“.

Alien sightings, for many people actually happen in the middle of the night, not in the mornings, so I’m lucky to have had this one (Yeah, I’m having fun with this).

It kinda looks like that alien in “Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull“.

As a reminder, you can buy a print of this photo.

A Happy New Year for 2013

I want to make sure I wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year! May your homes celebrate the coming of 2013 with love and hope, peace and charity, and determination to succeed in a whole new year.  And if you have any alien sightings of your own, well, run.   Better yet, zig-zag.

“The Heart Of Christmas”

Pancake Photos, Christmas, Heart of Christmas, Christmas Heart, The Heart of Christmas,  Christmas Season

With everything that has happened in the past few weeks around the Newtown, Connecticut Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I want to dedicate this piece to each and every family that lost a child in that horrific shooting. Words cannot truly express the feeling I’m sure they’re feeling, but I am a man of faith, and I know that prayer changes things and heals.   I saw a heart in this pancake this morning. What an excellent find! At least to me. A heart in the Christmas season is something we all need as we hope to enter 2013. So yeah, that’s what I saw this morning.