The Bowling Pin From Hell


I hate it when there’s a lone bowling pin left. It’s mocking me I think. It wants to remind me that I’m good, but not that good. Enjoy!


Pancake Photos : Fertilization


Ok so this is what I see: sperm entering an egg. I looks like something seen from the lens of a microscope.

Pancake Photos: The Serpent Circle

Pancake Photos: This morning I saw something very interesting. Look at this pancake photo from the left and then go counterclockwise and you’ll see the serpent circle.  At this point you should be able to identify its beak, it’s eye, and where the tail ends.  I’ve compared it to seeing something like this once upon a time in a pawn shop:

An odd similarity? Probably so – For the record I’ve seen this named a variety of things, so if it’s not called “The Serpent Circle” forgive me. Like John of Patmos, I’m only trying to describe what I see 🙂  Enjoy and have a great weekend!


















The Eagle



Pancake Photos- If you haven’t had the chance to visit my Facebook Page, feel free to drop by:

Now, today’s pancake reminded me of the great American Eagle soaring in a clear sky. You really have to look at it from a distance to see it though- you’ll be able to see the wings better. Enjoy!