Pancake Photos: The Comet


It’s the first thing I saw when I flipped this one over: A comet. If I step back and really look at it, you can see it’s solid surface, followed by it’s tail.  It looks similar to the description given on the NASA site in regards to a comet’s nucleus.

Well, at least I thought it did.

Anyway, sorry for the absence again.  Internet is off at the house for the moment but I’ll be back up soon with more great images! Until then, enjoy! They’ll be coming in sporadically as I’m able to get to a hotspot to upload them.



Pancake Photos Of Expression: Happy Face


Pancake Photos Of Expression: Bight Eyes, Big Smile

Boston Marathon Explosions, North Korea, and anything else that can put a pain in your heart: Sometimes it takes a lot to smile. However, we cannot allow anyone to take that smile from us. Therefore we smile either on the outside, or on the inside. Still, through everything we go through in this game we call life, we must look for the smile. I found it this morning.

Never let anything take your happiness, no matter what. Give that up you’ll live in fear and loathing in everything else you do.

Pancake Photos: The Lost Bird


Pancake Photos: The Lost Bird

Look closely and you can see its head and beak at the top left, followed with a short tail in the top right, and that arch in the middle, well, that’s the wing. I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Spring weather (cough cough, yeah right) we’re having right now.

I also ask for you to pray for my wife. She just destroyed her ACL and MCL on a Scout trip a week ago and it’s really getting to her. She’s a busy bee, so to have a wing down is really hard. I love her with all my heart, and to see her like this is difficult. But hey, I can cook so she’s getting some “man meals” now LOL.

Enjoy your week everyone. I haven’t been on in a while I know due to job hunting and now my wife’s injuries. It gets me down, but I have faith things will turn around!

Pancake Photos: The Serpent Circle

Pancake Photos: This morning I saw something very interesting. Look at this pancake photo from the left and then go counterclockwise and you’ll see the serpent circle.  At this point you should be able to identify its beak, it’s eye, and where the tail ends.  I’ve compared it to seeing something like this once upon a time in a pawn shop:

An odd similarity? Probably so – For the record I’ve seen this named a variety of things, so if it’s not called “The Serpent Circle” forgive me. Like John of Patmos, I’m only trying to describe what I see 🙂  Enjoy and have a great weekend!


















The Churh On The Hill


The Churh On The Hill

In order to truly appreciate this piece, look at the center and then look down. You will notice the immediate shape of a church steeple, followed with a light halo in its background. Let your eyes gaze further down and you can see the hill.

The Wave’s Sillouette


Pancake Photos, Pancake Art,, The Surfing Wave

This morning’s pancake photo made me think about the beach and the big waves that come along ever so often. Virginia Beach, Va. can produce some good ones during the summer that are just breathtaking. They’re also nerve wrecking when you see the surfers challenge them. That’s not for me at all, but it’s what I saw this morning. Enjoy!