“Alien Sightings: The Alien At My Window”

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Alien sightings? Yes, I’ve had one.

This is one of those moments that you look away, and then look back and you see something completely wild!

I had actually prepped this pancake for the dousing of syrup and butter before looking back at it again (what do you think I do with these pancakes? lol) and I saw this face staring back at me. It wasn’t just any face, but an alien face.  So of course I wanted to share this with you all – alien sightings- in my pancake.   You know, since that whole Mayan Calendar / end of the world thingy didn’t happen I’m sure everyone go back to their favorite pastimes: Looking for aliens and finding bigfoot.   Sorry Mayans, you had your shot. Alien sightings have been around far too long throughout world history and once we get over 2012, we’ll probably have more.

However, I can’t tell if this would be one those short little aliens or one of “The Greys“.

Alien sightings, for many people actually happen in the middle of the night, not in the mornings, so I’m lucky to have had this one (Yeah, I’m having fun with this).

It kinda looks like that alien in “Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull“.

As a reminder, you can buy a print of this photo.

A Happy New Year for 2013

I want to make sure I wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year! May your homes celebrate the coming of 2013 with love and hope, peace and charity, and determination to succeed in a whole new year.  And if you have any alien sightings of your own, well, run.   Better yet, zig-zag.


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