As Cute As A Button – And In My Pancake

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So I looked at this pancake this morning and realized that to me, it looked like a giant button. Button making is not my forte as you could imagine, but when I found some clipart of a button on the internet you can see the similarities:

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I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this fun-loving work I’ve done on this blog this year and I look forward to more discoveries in 2013.

And speaking of buttons, have you heard about the latest way to fix a broken one that has popped off your shirt or jeans? It’s called the Tic Fastener.  According to Gizmodo, “Tic fasteners provide an instant and permanent solution to the problem.Invented in Sweden by Karolina Rantfors, Ljubo Mrnjavac, and Mats Gabrielsson, the Tic looks like a staple remover, but the claw-like tool actually makes it easy to install plastic fasteners that permanently hold a button in place. You just align its fangs with the button’s holes, squeeze it closed so the ends of the plastic rivets connect, and then twist off the applicator. The results are hard to distinguish from thread, and at $7.50 for a pack of four…”

Ah yes, the interesting world of the button industry!



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