Mermaid Found In My Pancake

Ever seen a mermaid? This is one

The Mermaid in my Pancake! Mermaid sightings

So I’m looking at this pancake today and was like, it looks like a fish, but what kind? Then I turned the pan to make sure I didn’t burn anything and realized it was a mermaid! The bottom portion looks like a fin while the top portion looks like a body of some sort. It was an amazing find and I’m glad to share this with you!

Even though the US government has declared that mermaids aren’t real, people still keep their eyes peeled out there on the seas for them. Did you check out TV movie Mermaids: The Body Found? I watched it, but subjects like this you need to bring back on in an aquarium for me (lol). But hey, everyone has the right to dream.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and Merry Christmas to you if you don’t hear from me by then.  I’ll be posting as much as I can when I see interesting things as usual, but enjoy your families and take time out and reflect on your life and live it to the fullest. It’s too short. I guess that’s why this blog means a lot to me. I take time out and find things in the simplest of products that make art.


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