“Rings Of A Tree”


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I can remember back in the day when I would chop wood with my father in central Virginia. We’d look over at the trees and count the rings, attempting to tell how old it was. The trees out in our area are fairly old, and have been there since I was a child. While my boys will not get a chance to play on them due to the changes in the land, brush, stuff like that, this reminded me of that moment. Even now I’m trying to count the rings LOL.


Transformers: Dark Of The Moon?

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I thought about that scene in Transformers: Dark Of The Moon when I looked at this. No, it doesn’t look like Megatron (lol).  I noticed how the flash focused on the center like sun rays reflecting off a moon surface like in the first couple of scenes in the movie.  Did ya’ll know that they’re making a Transformers 4 and it will have Mark Wahlberg in it? It’s going to be good! Anyway, I’ve been gone for a while but I’m back, and I’ll be posting again more often I promise. I lost my job and that sent things into a spiral but I think I’m good to go now. Faith, it’s what you hold on to when times like these occur. Stay strong America and have a great weekend!